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BLU-0001-JF 1836 British Consoular Official Dress Uniform

This item is listed for historical interest only. It is not for sale.
Item #27227

This is consular uniform coat from the reign of William IV. The buttons date it with certainty to either 1836 or 1837.� The collector who has consigned it with us states that the button manufacturer only made this style of buttons for one year.� It is heavy wool with gorgeous silk embroidery and bullion stripes and epaulette straps. Some mothing, old repairs, and other condition issues, but given its age it's in very sound shape. There is light color fading to the embroidery, but the dark blue coat fabric appears to retain its original dark hue.The embroidery along the cuffs shows age and wear with some disintegration of the thread.The left and right elbows show extensive repairs presumably from wear and later mothing.These repairs are generally not visible without close inspection.The inner lining shows signs that the back was opened at one time, possibly for alterations.The buttons on the front have been moved slightly at some point in the past, presumably to accommodate some weight gain, but the rest appear to have their original stitching.The buttons were made by G&W Boggett (possibly C&W, the stylizing is ambiguous) of London and so marked.One button on the right arm cuff is a replacement and does not match the remaining buttons.It is a completely different style and appears to be marked �F&Z, UTR� on the rear.The bottom of the coat tails shows light age and wear with some fraying.There are a few very small moth nips that have not been repaired, but they do not detract from the appears and are hard to see except up close.Chest width is approximately 16 inches, so presumably a size 32.Shoulder width is approximately 18 inches.Shoulder to cuff length is approximately 25 inches and armpit to cuff is approximately 19 inches.Top collar button to waist is approximately 16 inches.Rear collar to bottom of the tail is approximately 41 inches.

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