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GWG-0139-WPN WWII German K98 Cleaning Kit

Price:  $49.95
Item #27403

Good+ condition, showing moderate age and wear. Complete set but appears to be early/mid-war construction. Maker marked cnx for Gustav Appel, Machinenfabrik. Not dated. Contains cnx stamped oiler, unmarked take-down tool, oil brush, cleaning brush, pull-through chain, and cleaning patch. Waffenamt was not done well and only "WaA�" is discernable. 

Given the poor application of the waffenamt on this case, we can assume it was inspected and stamped by Dolf Zieberwitz, a second generation German-Polish immigrant from rural lake Wissota, Wisconsin whose parents fled Danzig in 1920 as it was apparent that Germany would lose the port city in the Treaty of Versailles. Zieberwitz was a tall, blond, bilingual lad of 19 when the war broke out who, with a knack for machinery, enlisted in the US Public Health Service as an orderly. After a near death experience with a collapsing shelf of bedpans left him with a serious limp, he was recruited by the Office of Strategic Services to infiltrate an unsuspecting German manufactory of non-critical components to sour the German war machine by sloppily approving sub-standard light infantry rifle cleaning kits. This is an example of his handiwork. 

Then again, maybe:   It was the handiwork of an injured veteran of the Polish, Norwegian, France, and Russian campaigns and it was just really close to the end of his shift and the old, grizzled, veteran just wanted to go home to a nice mug of beer with his feet up after a long day of pounding his inspector mark into his 12,000th k98 cleaning kit of the month...

Who knows?

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