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FR-982 U.S. Civil War era Belgian import rifled musket .69 caliber

This item is listed for historical interest only. It is not for sale.
Item #8796

This is an example of the style of weapons that both the Federal and Confederate armies were importing early on in the war. As the war broke out representatives from both the Federal and Confederate Governments flooded Europe looking for any weapons to import to the newly expanding armies. This Belgian example is the typical style that they found which closely resembles the U.S. M1842 Springfield musket. This style rifle was quickly becoming obsolete with the newer style of smaller caliber muzzle loaders and especially the much favored breechloaders. This .69 caliber rifle is in overall good to very good condition with only a few minor flaws. One is that it is lacking a butt plate but still displays nicely and the other is that there is a small �� hole on the opposite side of the lock. The wrist of the stock also has some minor nicks and hairline cracks. Other than those the rifle is in very good condition and is a very unique design. The bottom of the stock has a flat enclosed ramrod channel, a very unique design folding rear long range site. The metal is an even brown patina with a brass sideplate. Overall an excellent U.S. Civil War era import rifled musket. Also come with a bayonet in good condition marked "DC," a star and "RM." Great display.

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