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GWK-0070WPN WWII German "Full Stag" RAD Hewer Dagger (Matching issue numbers)

This item is listed for historical interest only. It is not for sale.
Item #20895

This is a WWII German full stag RAD Hewer Dagger.� These full stag grips were only seen on the first examples of this type produced by Carl Eickhorn. The task of finding antler wide enough to accommodate the grip proved difficult, plus they found that the tip of the grip was prone to breaking and was later, during full production was replaced with a metal tip.� The grip plates of this particular example are really outstanding. Both of the plates have a very deep coffee color, highlighted by the full graining that projects from the surfaces. When you look at this grip from the quillon edge side it is really impressive. Both plates are in totally perfect condition, with deeply toned golden edges. These plates are retained by screws and spanners, all of which are in place.

The crossguard below has an accent of double lines, with an upward pointing teardrop on the left side. All of the original factory darkening remains within the accent grooves.� The right side of the crossguard exhibits some wear to the higher surface areas.� Additionally just above the crossguard there is an issue number which makes this dagger ever rarer.� The number �Br. 753� means that the dagger was issued in either Breslau or Bremen and was probably issued to a member of the RAD that could not afford to buy his own dagger.� Which means that this was one of only very few daggers that were the early style full stag grip as well as an accountable issued piece.�

The scabbard shell is in overall excellent condition.� It is also has matching numbers on the throat of the scabbard �Br. 753�.� It has a great, slightly gray/ slightly worn look to the metal fittings, and is still in great condition. The scabbard mounts and wear exactly match the deeply silvered look of the hilt, and also have a fine, even patina. The upper mount has the classic RAD curls on both sides with a border of beaded circles. The area below on both sides depicts a RAD spade, nicely lined and with a mobile swastika in the center. The spade is placed upon a pair of wheat stalks that are set at a 45 degree angle. The border on this mount also has matching beading. Both mounts are retained by flat RAD screws however the lower mount is missing a single screw and appears to have been missing for a very long time.� The painted portion of the scabbard shows typical wear and extremely light rust to the worn surfaces.�

The blade of this piece is the standard Bowie style. This heavy blade sports fullers on both sides and is finished in a matte style. The obverse of the blade is crisply and deeply etched with the motto of the RAD, �Arbeit Adelt�. �The original darkening remains lightly in the backgrounds of the lettering. On the reverse we see an RAD triangle set above the protected patent term �Gesch Gesch�. Below is an early Eickhorn Squirrel trademark. This squirrel has a serrated tail and holds a nut in his paws and sits above the initials of the firm, �CE�.

This particular dagger came to us from the son of James S. Spingola who served with the Second Armored Division.� A photocopy picture of him, a copy of his National Archives Record and his reunion association card are also included for reference.� The story his son told us was that his tank was crossing a creek when he looked over and saw a German laying in the creek and he went and picked this up off of him cleaned it off and sent it home.�

This is an amazing piece of history with a little bit of background to it.� DO not let it pass by!

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