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GWK-0083-RS WWII German Teno (Technische Nothilfe) Leaders Dagger

This item is listed for historical interest only. It is not for sale.
Item #21018

This is an extremely rare WWII German Teno Leaders dagger.� The Teno �Technische Nothilfe� organization (or Technical Emergency Help) was established by members ofTechnische Abteilung�(technical unit) of the paramilitary Freikorps. ��Their purpose to protect and maintain vital & strategic facilities (e.g., gas works, waterworks, power stations, railways, post offices, agriculture concerns and food production activities). At the time (1919�1923), these vital infrastructure facilities were under threat from sabotage and attack during a period bordering on civil war, which was caused by the collapse of German economy following the end of World War I and exacerbated by a spate of politically motivated wildcat strikes, usually by Left-wing elements.� The condition of the dagger is near mint.� The blade is an excellent example of what these daggers should look like. The blade retains excellent crossgrain, there are no nicks to the edges and the tip is perfect and only exhibits the typical scabbard wear! The maker mark is darkly etched in place just below the TENO eagle, both marks are in beautiful clear shape and are much larger than your typical dagger makers mark. The obverse of the blade is stamped with the issue number "2207" just under the swastika on the crossguard, the scabbard has the matching issue number marking. �The pebbled black leather blade pad remains and is in good shape. The crossguard is in very good condition overall with the plating mostly remaining in good shape.� There are a few areas where there is some minor damage to the plating but it still retains and excellent appearance.� Much of the original factory burnish remains in the low areas. The trylon grip is perfect and just shows minor age! The pommel is also in similar condition to the crossguard where most of its original finish remains but the top does show some damage to the pitting where the plating has damage above the distinctive cog wheel. The scabbard is free of any dents and exhibits only minor wear but still retains most of its deep dark black finish. As was stated earlier the scabbard throat is stamped with the matching "2207" issue number. The throat is retained by a single reverse screw. The portepee is completely original but shows some minor age and wear to the bullion thread.� This is the first Teno Leader Dagger that we have had in 10 years so do not let this one pass by!

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