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UWL-0002 WWII Korean war US Airborne parachute - glider patch flag

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Item #18073

This flag came to us through another collector who had purchased the flag from the veteran himself. The collector said that the veteran was in an airborne unit during WWII but transferred to a different airborne unit post WWII. We asked about any ID and when he purchased this flag from the veteran he did not ask which unit the veteran was in as it was before all the hype had started. So unfortunately there is no name or unit information associated with this flag. With this being said we suspect that this flag could have been made post WWII or during Korea. What we do know is that it is a well made (purpose made) flag using all parachute materials. The only thing on the flag that is not something you would expect to see on a parachute are the two big brass grommets on the two corners of the flag. The flag is 98" long 55" wide and made of white parachute material. The white section of the flag does exhibit some staining that appears to be very old and possibly from storage. The flag is two sided and has what appears to be a hand made 18" circle depicting the airborne/ glider troop patch. The circle is also made from pieces of parachute material with the colored sections being hand dyed. There are a few areas where the silk has started to wear or shatter within the circle but it is still strong and has good color. Overall a neat piece that would make a great addition to any airborne collector.

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