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Sale GWD-0016 WWII German MG42 Machinegun (Demilled / Non-Functional) (^1)

This item is listed for historical interest only. It is not for sale.
Item #23455

This is almost completely all WWII original German MG 42.  The one part we know to be not original is the barrel, which is for an MG34 and was welded to the front of the receiver and is no longer removeable.  The demil is all internal.  The bolt and tail have been welded; a steel plate was welded between the bolt and the buffer so that the buffer cannot turn; and the 'teeth' on the bottom of the bolt have been cut off so that the charge handle has nothing to grab onto.

This one has four waffen amt marks, two on the top cover, one on the bipod, on on the front sight and one on the AA sight that comes with it.

This one was made by 'cra' and so marked on the lower receiver.  It is 1943 dated and marked '6933 c'.  Top cover is marked 'cof' and has two waffen amts.  The dust cover latch is also 'cof' marked. The bipod is 'M' marked, 43 dated, and waffen amt marked, the front sight is 'jdq' marked.

The top cover can be opened to inspect the demil, but is a little stiff.  The quick barrel change port can not be opened and the barrel cannot be removed.  The charge handle moves but does not lock forward or back.  The trigger will move and the safety functions, but the trigger does not function.  This one cannot 'dry fire'.  The front and rear sights are moveable.

The MG42 was one of the most distinctive weapons of the European Theater.  Its massive 1,200 to 1,500 rounds per minute earned it the nickname 'Hitler's Buzzsaw" by American troops.  The MG42 was so advanced for its time, it directly influenced numerous post-war machine guns across the globe.


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