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SALE GWP-0055-MAM WWI to Post WWII German Personnel File for Naval Enlisted Sailor

This item is listed for historical interest only. It is not for sale.
Item #22607

Very interesting collection all named to Walter Fiedler. He was born 13 September 1902 in Hamburg and enlisted in the Reichsmarine 17 October 1917 according to his Militarpass, which has entries stating that he served at least until 1 March 1931.  During that time he served on at least six different ships: Konig Wilhelm (hard to tell from the handwriting),  SMS Zahringen (a pre-dreadnought battleship), SMS Regensburg (light cruiser), SMS Medusa (light cruiser), SMS Niobe (light cruiser), and SMS Hessen (a pre-dreadnought battleship).  Also listed are a few years worth of lad assignments prior to the end of his service in Kiel in 1931.

In the collection is a Hindenberg Cross, in Good+ condition, which was a medal issued to WWI veterans during the Third Reich; a cap talley for the SMS Hessen, which is in outstanding condition, showing only the most minor signs of age to the embroidered letters and some storage fading to the black band. Overall length, 46 inches; and a stack of documents all concerning Fiedler, over 30 documents in all, the most noteworthy are listed below:

18 Nov 1943, a memo concerning his placement into the Marineobservatorium

29 Mar 1930, award document for his naval testing scores

27 Jul 1945, Wehrmacht stamped document (postcard sized) regarding his discharge, which is interesting since it's postwar dated and still Nazi stamped.

7 May 1941, a training document to him for Minensucherabzeichen (mine searching award/training).

2 Apr 1935, conscription document until at least 30 September 1941.

28 Feb 1931, a document from the Police President in Altona (a suburb of Hamburg).

6 Nov 1943, a document from the Baltic Sea Admirals Office stating that he had 21 years, 235 days of service and earned 1500 Reichmarks in 300 RM payments (unclear on some of the changes made by the typewritten document).

6 May 1935, award document for the Hindenberg Cross.

12 Sep 1945, ID card in English and German, stamped by the British Royal Navy, identifying him and giving his address in Kiel, good until 31 October 1945.

8 Dec 1940, Iron Cross 2nd Class award document, awarded in Wilhelmshaven.

31 Jan 1947, document from the chief of the navigations section in Kiel documenting his duty station from 30 Mar 1944 to 31 Jan 1947.

20 Jan 1947, document ordering him to report to the Personnel Office, but this document in later dated 22 April 1963..I must be missing something in the translation, or an addition was made to the document years later.

29 March 1946, document in English, but signed in German by Kapitanleutnant requesting travel for Fielder as a civilian nautical employee to go to Copenhagen Denmark to adjust compasses on board the minesweepers in Copenhagen harbor.

This is a very interesting set that gives much of the service history for one German sailor. The photos and scans are a selection of the documents.

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