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UCF-0007 US Civil War Navy "water cap" Exploding shell Time Fuze Dated 1862 (INERT)

This item is listed for historical interest only. It is not for sale.
Item #20893

This is a single US Civil War Navy Artillery shell fuze.  These fuzes are typical example shown and the buy it now price is for a single fuze.  All fuzes are ground dug and will exhibit moderate oxidation to the brass fuze however all will have strong 1862 markings.  The round is marked "ORD.D" for Ordnance Department with an anchor for Navy use then an "R" which means the fuze was removed and reloaded once, then "1862" date.  Look at the pictures and if you have any question please contact us.  

The following is a little more history on these fuzes.

The brass body would hold the fuse element and a special water cap was screwed in at the top. This cap had a powder filled "lead-in" designed to allow flame to pass but not water. In the event of a low angle ricochet on the sea the fuse would continue to burn, unaffected by water spray.  The "R" is believed to be an indicator that this fuze was removed from a live round then and used again. To seal the fuze from the elements, it was closed at the top by a lead disk, (removed before firing) and at the base with a lead plug.  The base plug acted as a safety as well, preventing an explosion if the fuse was accidentally ignited. It would remain in position even if the shell were dropped, but would be forced out of the tube at the moment of firing, clearing the path for the combustion train. Different time delays could be used as required by the gunner.

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