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UCK-0004, US Civil War M1850 Foot Officers sword (Imported/ made by Horstman) Sold by McFadden of Pittsburg

This item is listed for historical interest only. It is not for sale.
Item #18445

This is a US Civil War M1850 Foot Officers sword that was imported or made by the Horstman and Sons sword company. The sword was then stamped with "R. McFadden and Co." who was a military equipment retailer in Pittsburg, PA before and during the Civil War. The sword is in overall good condition. First, the original leather scabbard is included but it is missing the brass drag and is also broken in one spot. The scabbard is in otherwise good condition and it is rare to find these scabbards in any condition. The leather has an even black polished color with some flaking and cracking to the surface as you get closer to the drag end. The brass fittings (minus the drag) are in excellent condition and tight to the leather scabbard. The sword itself is in good condition. The blade has a some dark spots and some light pitting with an overall grey patina. The blade etching is still present and visible but is lighter than usually seen. The etching is the usual floral and sun ray pattern. It does not have the eagle or US on the blade. The handle is made of rayskin which is in beautiful condition. However most of the wire wrap is missing on the grip. The rest of the brass basket is usual ornamentation of a M1850. The markings consist of "Horstman and Sons" lightly stamped with "R. McFadden and Co" very heavily stamped just above it. The opposite side shows a very light Philadelphia stamping with another very heavy "R. McFadden and Co" stamp above it. There are no other import marks on the sword. Overall a nice economy priced US Army Officers sword from the Civil War.

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