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USM-0003 US Spanish American War Named Medal Set (War with Spain and Philippine Campaign) UPDATED 5 APR 2015

This item is listed for historical interest only. It is not for sale.
Item #21294

This is an awesome set of US Spanish American War Medals which are numbered and the numbers correlate to the soldier’s name.  The soldier was Sergeant First Class Ulysses G Donston and he served in the Medial Corps.  There are two medals the first is Army Spanish War Medal which is the original issue with ribbon.  The number is 3866.  The medal has some verdigris age to the front and the medal shows minor wear but it is overall in very good condition. This medal is the original issued medal as the ribbon had a wide, center stripe of yellow, flanked by narrow red stripes (denoting the Spanish flag), edged with thin blue stripes.  Later the Army changed the issued medals in 1917.  The Second medal is the Philippine Campaign Medal with the number 9366.  This medal has slightly less verdigris to the front and the ribbon is in excellent condition.  Also included are modern copies of his enlistment and service records.   Sergeant First Class Ulysses G Donston initially enlisted at age 19 in 1884.  Copies of his records from 1905, 1906 and 1907 are included as well as a register of the location of his death in San Francisco National Cemetery.  Additionally there is an excerpt from the American Medicine Journal describing his departure from San Francisco en-route to the Philippines.  A photo quality printed copy of his medals on his gravestone will be included which is also depicted in the photos.  Lastly a Ulysses was later commissioned and retired a Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) and his original framed commission document is included.  He was commissioned a LTC in 1935 at the age of 70 into, it says, auxiliary.  An incredible named set of medals!

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