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DISCLAIMER: Military Antiques Museum has no sympathies with any past or present parties or military regimes....except the United States of America! Our items are offered for historical, educational, reference, or collecting value only.

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UXA-0001-JB, WWI to 1920's US Army Air Service footlocker

This item is listed for historical interest only. It is not for sale.
Item #18300

This is a great WWI early 1920's US Air Service wood footlocker. The size is 33" x 19" x 12" and it weighs 45 lbs, so please keep in mind that if you order this that shipping fees will be higher than usual. The Air Service, United States Army (also seen as the Air Service, "U.S. Air Service" and after its legislative establishment in 1920, the "U.S. Army Air Service") was a forerunner of the United States Air Force during and after World War I. It was established as an independent but temporary wartime branch of the U.S. War Department by two executive orders of 28th President Woodrow Wilson: on May 24, 1918, replacing the Aviation Section, Signal Corps as the nation's air force; and March 19, 1919, establishing a military Director of Air Service to control all aviation activities. Its life was extended for another year in July 1919, during which time Congress passed the legislation necessary to make it a permanent establishment. The National Defense Act of 1920 assigned the Air Service, the status of "combatant arm of the line" of the United States Army, with a major general in command. The footlocker is in good+ condition with some of the paint chipping off. I am not sure if it was period done but the box was lacquered over the top of the paint but was well done. The box is named to Arthur Hutchinson and has the Air Service US Army in the center. The footlocker has the original tray inside as well. Do not let this one pass by as we have not seen a nicer Air Service footlocker.

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