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WWQ-0001 WWII New Zealand Lemon squeezer hat grouping named to John Leonard Checkley plus his fathers items from WWI

This item is listed for historical interest only. It is not for sale.
Item #20489

This is a fantastic grouping named to both John Leonard Checkley plus his father Leonard George-Ick Checkley.  First a little biographical information about John Leonard Checkley.  He was a painter in the early 1960's and this was his own bio that he included on the back of his artwork.  "New Zealander John Checkley, A San Franciscan since 1955, enjoys a well-deserved reputation for his charming water colors, which capture the ever-changing moods of the Bay Area. Now he has developed a unique style in acrylics, gaining immediate recognition for himself and winning an enthusiastic following in art circles across the nation.  Checkley completed his schooling in New Zealand's St. Andrews College and went on to major in art at the University of New Zealand.  He entered the advertising profession only to have his career interrupted by three years of military service in the Pacific during World War II.  After the conflict, he concentrated on graphic arts. His career led him to the United States in 1948 where he joined Batten, Barton, Durstine and Osborn, one of the world's great advertising agencies, in New York City.  Checkley held a successful series of one-man shows in New York before moving to San Francisco in 1955. In the City by the Bay, he has appeared on KQED, the nation's most honored educational station, and he has conducted classes in painting.  Checkleys hang in numerous private collections and are prominently displayed in the permanent collections of the New York Historical Society and in the Bank of New York.  A realist by nature, Checkley interprets the many facets of San Francisco as he sees them. His sketching trips have taken him to Tokyo, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Tahiti, and to the nations of Europe.  Checkley lives in Greenbrae, California, with his wife, two children and a cat. Most of his painting is done on a houseboat -- a converted World War landing craft -- moored in Sausalito."  His artwork is very well known in the San Francisco Bay Area and demands a respectable amount of money.  A little that was left out was that he was born November 3, 1922 in Christchurch, New Zealand.  He did own a LVCP that he had converted into his art studio.  The items of his that are included are his lemon squeezer service hat with the Royal New Zealand Artillery insignia on the front as well as the blue and red band around the hat.  The red band has a single moth nip to the front.  The hat also shows some minor moth tracking as well.  The inside is in near perfect condition.  These are extraordinarily rare hats!  Additionally included is an original picture of John Leonard Checkley wearing this hat during the war.  Also included are a set of his WWII leggings and woven belt with his name written on it also from the war.  There is also a picture included of him walking with his Mother and Father near their home prior to leaving during the war.    

The other items included are from his family.  There is a picture of his father, Leonard George-Ick Checkley, in his WWI uniform as well as a picture of the basic training camp he attended in Canvastown, Featherstown New Zealand.  His company photo where he was identified as the third person from the left in the second row.  He appears to have been a part of a New Zealand aviation unit.  The family was no sure but thought he was a backseat gunner.  Unconfirmed but that is what they told us. 

Finally is a family photo album which has a few of military related photos but it is primarily family photos prior to World War Two.  This is truly an amazing grouping.  It includes the extremely rare lemon squeezer hat as well as a nice family history to it!

Additionally we were able to find a copies from a book which he describes what his war service was like.  Those pages are now attached in the pictures and copies will be included in the grouping.

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